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Websites have traditionally been viewed from computer and laptop screens.  But with the rise of Smartphones and tablet computers, such as the popular iPhone and iPad, more people are browsing the internet, shopping – and buying from their mobile devices than ever before.

If you don’t have a Mobile-Optimized website, then you are turning away customers! With more people using their Smartphones to search for y

Every Business Absolutely Needs A Mobile Site

If you don’t have a website optimized for mobile viewing, then you are losing business every day. Period. Bottom line. Would you put up a sign at your business that reads “Please Visit Our Competitors Instead Of Us”? Yet, that is exactly what’s happening when they try to view your website on their mobile device.

Why Are Mobile Optimized Websites Necessary?

Mobile device screens are much smaller than computer and laptop screens.  Websites optimized for mobile are designed for smaller screen sizes.  People have different expectations and internet behaviors when they are on their mobile devices.  When people search for local businesses on their mobile devices, they are usually not looking to read lengthy articles or browse for information.

Instead, mobile searchers are looking for specific information.  They are looking for phone contact information, or directions to a business, or information about store hours.  Some are even searching for coupon deals.

Smart business owners will capitalize on this by optimizing their websites for mobile devices.

How Do You Optimize For Mobile Devices?

Keep it simple.  Just the facts ma’am.  Mobile searchers don’t want to read a lot.  They want easy to understand buttons to push.  They want to click and have instant map directions, or be connected on a phone call.  They are busy and they are on the go.

So… make it easy for them to navigate your mobile website by taking away all the clutter of words and pictures.  Instead, put your logo at the top of the page and a few carefully selected buttons which give the people access to what they want – your phone number and directions!

Mobile Demo Sites

If you have a Smartphone, you can view some of our demo mobile sites and mobile landing pages.

Demo page 1 | Demo page 2

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What About My Normal Website?

You should keep your normal business website.  Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water!  Your existing business website is bringing you traffic, right?  Keep that traffic coming.  But now, add a second front page to your website.  How?

Create a second page that is optimized for mobile devices.  Then add a script to your normal website which runs a check on the type of device people are using to visit your website.  If the script detects a mobile device, it automatically and instantly redirects visitors to your mobile optimized website.

This way computer and laptop visitors see your normal website.  While mobile device users will see your mobile optimized site.  This makes sense, right?

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Contact AmpedX When You Are Ready For A Mobile Optimized Website!

Setting up a mobile optimized website may seem overwhelming to you.  But don’t worrry!  I’ve got you covered.  I can create and manage your mobile optimized website for you!

Just contact me when you are ready to see how quickly and easily and inexpensively your new mobile optimized website will be!


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